Summer Session at SCC

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Get a boost on your education with summer online course

Make a little progress this summer with a class through SCC.

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WB: West Burlington campus 
KEO: Keokuk campus 
VIR: Online class

Title Section Loc
Survey of Animal Industry AGS-113-161 WB
Equine Science AGS-216-751 VIR
Swine Science AGS-225-751 VIR
Art Appreciation ART-101-101 WB
Art Appreciation ART-101-752B VIR
Drawing I ART-133-101 WB
Painting I ART-143-101X WB
Art History I ART-203-751 VIR
Introduction to Business BUS-102-751 VIR
E-Commerce BUS-150-751 VIR
Business Law I BUS-185-751 VIR
Business Law II BUS-186-751 VIR
Introduction to CAD CAD-101-151 VIR
Intro to Computers CSC-110-101 WB
Intro to Computers CSC-110-754B VIR
Principles of Macroeconomics ECN-120-752 VIR
Principles of Microeconomics ECN-130-752 VIR
Educational Foundations EDU-212-751 VIR
Composition I ENG-105-101 WB
Composition I ENG-105-151 VIR
Composition I ENG-105-201 KEO
Composition I ENG-105-754B VIR
Composition II ENG-106-101 WB
Composition II ENG-106-151 VIR
Writing for the Workplace ENG-110-151 VIR
Technical Writing I ENG-111-751 VIR
Principles of Finance FIN-130-751 VIR
Elementary French I FLF-141-751 VIR
Elementary French II FLF-142-751 VIR
U.S. History to 1877 HIS-151-151 VIR
U.S. History since 1877 HIS-152-131 WB
U.S. History since 1877 HIS-152-231 KEO
Medical Terminology HSC-114-151 VIR
Nurse Aide HSC-168-161 WB
Multicultural Perspectives HUM-114-201 KEO
Prealgebra MAT-052-101 WB
Math for Liberal Arts MAT-110-151 VIR
Statistics MAT-156-101 WB
Intro to Math Applications MAT-702-751 VIR
Prin of Management MGT-101-151 VIR
Prin of Management MGT-101-752B VIR
Principles of Supervision MGT-130-151 VIR
Principles of Marketing MKT-110-751 VIR
Intro to Ethics PHI-105-151 VIR
American National Government POL-111-752B VIR
Human and Work Relations PSY-102-751 VIR
Introduction to Psychology PSY-111-101 WB
Introduction to Psychology PSY-111-151 VIR
Introduction to Psychology PSY-111-202 KEO
Introduction to Psychology PSY-111-231 KEO
Developmental Psychology PSY-121-151 VIR
Psych of Adjustment PSY-211-751 VIR
Abnormal Psychology PSY-241-754F VIR
Social Psychology PSY-251-751 VIR
Intro to Sociology SOC-110-131 WB
Intro to Sociology SOC-110-151 VIR
Intro to Sociology SOC-110-231 KEO
Social Problems SOC-115-101 WB
Social Problems SOC-115-151 VIR
Introduction to Social Work SOC-160-751 VIR
Public Speaking SPC-112-131 WB
Public Speaking SPC-112-151 VIR
Public Speaking SPC-112-231 KEO



Kyle Adams
(319) 208-5019

1500 West Agency Road
West Burlington, IA

Abby Herriman
(319) 313-1929

335 Messenger Road
Keokuk, IA