SCC Auto Technology Program Earns Re-Accreditation

The automotive technology program at Southeastern Community College has earned re-accreditation for Master Automobile Service Technology. This accreditation is the highest level of program accreditation recognized by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

Dr. Ashlee Spannagel, dean of career and technical education, says this re-accreditation affirms the high quality of SCC’s automotive technology program. 

“Our students are able to earn ASE credentials because of the level of qualified faculty, our exceptional coursework, and the equipment used for training.”

To earn re-accreditation, the auto technology program underwent a thorough onsite evaluation by industry leaders.

Automotive Technology Assistant Professor Wes Carpenter says that earning a certificate or degree from an ASE accredited program ensures that students graduate with the skills area industry partners want from their employees.

“Employers look for someone with an ASE certification,” he said. “It means that person knows their stuff and can perform quality work.”

The accreditation is active through December 2026.

For more information about SCC’s automotive technology program, contact Abbey Timberlake at (319) 208-5155.