SCC and Western Governors University Announce Articulation Agreement

Western Governors University (WGU) and Southeastern Community College (SCC) today announced a new articulation agreement that will provide SCC graduates an affordable pathway to earning their bachelor’s degree through WGU. Under the terms of the agreement, students graduating with their SCC associate degree will be able to seamlessly transfer their credits to WGU. The agreement expands higher education opportunities for SCC graduates in the hopes of building a future-ready workforce in Iowa.

“This is an excellent option for residents from across the region who pursue their degree online after SCC,” said Dr. Derreck Calkins, Director of Assessment Curriculum, and Learning Resources “Not all online programs are equal. WGU has a history of providing a quality education across a wide variety of programs.”

SCC graduates who enroll in any of WGU’s programs will be able to apply for the Community College Partner Scholarship, which is valued at up to $2,500 each and will be applied to WGU’s already-low, flat-rate tuition of about $3,800 per six-month term.

SCC students transitioning to WGU will be also able to take advantage of the university’s online-competency-based education model, which will allow them to use prior education and work-based experience to move through courses at their own pace and graduate quicker. Students study, complete coursework and take tests on schedules that fit their lives, advancing as soon as they demonstrate they have mastered the subject matter. Like all students at WGU, Southeastern Community College graduates who enroll will also be paired with a program mentor who has expertise in their chosen degree program and supports students in learning and navigating their educational journeys from enrollment through graduation.

“We are thrilled to provide continuing education options to graduating students and staff of Southeastern Community College,” said Dr. Terrance Hopson, Regional Vice President of Western Governors University. “WGU values the important role community colleges play in upskilling the workforce and is pleased to offer an affordable and flexible pathway for thousands of Iowans who need postsecondary education and training to advance their careers and, in turn, improve their lives.”

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