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Going to college online isn't a scary proposition when you've got a support system to help you succeed. Take advantage of these services and professional staff to not just survive but thrive during your college experience.


One of the biggest challenges we all face while going to college is everyday life. When you choose to go to college, it doesn't just impact you, it impacts your family, your finances, your time, your work. SCC's success advocates are here to help you with those challenges so you can stay on track.

Find balance during your educational experience and get support with organization and time management, learning and study strategies, testing preparation and test-taking techniques, managing personal challenges.

We really are here for you.



Need research materials? The SCC Libraries offer leading online databases that provide access to full-text e-books, journals, magazines, and newspapers, and full-length educational films. Need research help? Connect with a librarian. They will schedule a phone or virtual conference with you to help get what you need.



We provide free academic consultation services to current SCC students. Professional and peer consultants are available to help you with many subjects, including math, reading, writing and more.



Your success is our success. Our enrollment specialists are here to get you all the way to graduation. They'll help you register for the right classes and build the schedule to keep you on track to earn your degree.



SCC's Technology Help Desk offers tech support Mon - Fri, from 7:30 am to 5 pm. We also check requests throughout the day during weekends and holidays.

Have a question about your Canvas site? Call them any time at (844) 214-6951 for 24/7 support.



We are committed to providing an accessible environment that supports students with disabilities. Accommodations are available to ensure equal access to educational opportunities. Our Disability Services Coordinator works with students to develop and coordinate services based on their unique needs. Contact our Disability Services Coordinator at (319) 208-5167 or



You can access your course eTextbooks and digital content during the entire length of your online course, starting from the first day. The etextbook and materials costs significantly less than traditional textbooks.



Not sure how online programs work? Here are answers to common questions Blackhawks often have before starting a program.

What's the difference between an in-person and online class?

Whether in-person or online, SCC classes are designed to help prepare you for real world success.

The major difference is that SCC online classes have no set time in which you need to be in front of your computer. This allows you the flexibility to create your own schedule. You'll still participate - only instead of in-person lectures, it will be through weekly online assignments and discussion boards.

Are online classes hard?

Online classes are no more or less difficult than campus classes - just different.

From the support of your academic advisors and instructors, to tutoring services, and even technology assistance from the our Help Desk, we're here to help when you need it.


Are there advantages to taking online classes?

Online classes are an excellent way for busy people to earn their degree. You'll get the same quality, affordable, accessible education you've come to expect from SCC. Plus online classes fit your schedule and educational goals. You'll take the same classes with the same content from the same instructors as face-to-face students. And the online systems and tools we provide to students are the best available and used by hundreds of colleges across the globe.

It's the best of both worlds.

How much does it cost?

SCC's online classes are among some of the most affordable in Iowa. Not only that, we're an accredited institution. That means you can qualify for federal aid like Pell Grants. All you have to do is complete your FAFSA.

Iowa residents may qualify for further tuition assistance programs, including PACE, GAP, the Iowa Tuition Grant, Kibbe Skilled Workforce Tuition Grant, and Last Dollar Scholarships.

You can also apply for scholarships through the SCC Foundation. We award 300+ scholarships every year. Learn more: SCC Foundation scholarships.


When do online classes meet?

Your life, your schedule. That's one of the reasons so many people attend college online. You can do each week's assignments on your schedule, turning them in at specified deadlines throughout the week.

Are all programs 100% online?

SCC offers programs that can be completed 100% online and programs that combine online classes with face-to-face classes (this is called a hybrid).

If you have questions about whether your program of choice is accessible online, on campus or both, please take a look at our catalog for details.

How does it work?

All your classes are delivered through our learning management system called Canvas. Think of it like your own personal website where all your classes reside. It's how you access your assignments course materials, videos, and presentations. It's where you upload your assignments and take your tests. It's also how you communicate with your instructors and fellow students.

What assignments are typical for an online class?

Assignments vary throughout the programs. Students typically have to post comments to a discussion board each week. Other work may include papers, individual or group projects, presentations, labs, quizzes, and tests.

Do I take my exams online?

The majority of your classes will administer exams online the same way as you do your typical assignments. A select few classes require you take an in-person proctored exam. If you can't go to SCC for your exam, we will help you make arrangements.

What kind of computer do I need to take online classes?

You'll need a desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection. Not all features are available via a smartphone.

You may need specific software installed your computer prior to starting your courses. Some degree programs may require additional hardware or software. For minimum requirements, as well as requirements for specific degree programs, view the list of technical requirements.


What are the expectations of online students?

If you plan to take online courses, be sure to review this statement of student ethics.

Click here to learn about student rights relating to online classes and programs.

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