Construction Certificate

Bare-bones skills to get you on a job site.

The Building Construction certificate is awarded after successful completion of first semester courses.

Program location

Available in West Burlington Not available in Keokuk Not available online

Skills you'll learn

  • Basic safety
  • Introduction to hand and power tools
  • Basic rigging
  • Wood building materials
  • Handling concrete
  • Introduction to OSHA safety standards

Where this certificate can take you

  • Framer
  • Roofer
  • Concrete Finisher

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The Construction Technology – Carpentry program combines the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curricula with the Associate of Applied Science degree requirements, meshing illustrated instructional material with structured classroom activities.

This program emphasizes four levels of carpentry, with each building on the previous level. During the summer term between the students' first and second year, a paid internship is required, giving students real-world experience with a local construction company.

*Certificate can be earned one time.

Please view the technical standards for this course.

Summary Sheet

The summary sheet provides a program overview and other information.

Download the Summary Sheet.

Curriculum Sequence

Fall Semester I Course Title Credit
CON-147 Carpentry I 6
CON-332 Construction Materials and Resources 3
MAT-702 Introduction to Math Applications 3

CON-147 - Carpentry I

Lecture: 3

Lab: 6

Credit: 6

This is a course designed to enable students to develop basic skills and knowledge in carpentry. Included in this course is the study of construction techniques with emphasis on basic safety, basic math, introduction to hand and power tools, basic rigging, fasteners, wood building materials, floor and wall systems, site preparation, concrete and reinforcement materials, concrete handling and forming foundations and flatwork. This course will introduce the national OSHA safety standards for general construction and upon completion of this course students will receive the OSHA 10 hour General Construction certification.

CON-332 - Construction Materials and Resources

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

This course is designed as a comprehensive overview of the construction industry and materials used in the profession. It is a conceptual treatment of the construction-personnel production system. Also included is a study of the materials of construction, their properties, manufactures, characteristics and applications.

MAT-702 - Introduction to Math Applications

Lecture: 2

Lab: 2

Credit: 3

This course is offered to students who can profit from an applied course in mathematics and will prepare students who need to develop skills for MAT-704. It is designed as an introductory level algebra course recommended for students with one year of high school algebra. Emphasis is on the building of basic algebra skills and the application of these mathematical techniques. The course studies the relationship of geometry and algebra as they apply to various fields. This course will also cover whole numbers/decimals, integers, fractions/percents, direct measurement, basic geometric concepts/relationships, linear equations and right-triangle trigonometry. Prerequisite: MAT-052 or meet minimum placement testing requirements.

Douglas Riley - Assistant Professor - Construction Technology

AA, Southeastern Community College
BA, Iowa Wesleyan College