Construction Technology

A foundation for your future: SCC Construction Technology

Tired of the same old routine? Dive into a world of innovation and craftsmanship with SCC's Construction Technology program. Whether you love working with your hands or designing with your mind, we’ve got something for you. This program sets you on the fast track to a rewarding career.

Get National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) skills training. You'll also make a little money while getting real-world experience from a required paid internship.

What kind of career will you build?

Why Construction at SCC?

Roll up your sleeves. Dive into the action and get your hands dirty. Our program is all about learning by doing – the best way to master the craft.

Master how to operate heavy equipment. It takes more than power tools to construct a building. Learn how to operate heavy equipment like skid loaders and backhoes.

Create, don't conform. From idea to reality, you’ll learn the skills you need to bring your visions to life. Creativity is essential for solving complex problems, enhancing efficiency, and delivering value to clients.

Learn the importance of teamwork. Construction is all about collaboration. It involves communication and coordination among different trades and individuals.

Build skills in our climate-controlled workshop. Hone your technical skills in our fully functioning workshop and construction lab.

What you’ll learn

Blueprint Reading: Understand the language of construction plans like a pro.

Safety First: Learn the ins and outs of job site safety – your well-being is our priority.

Power Tools Mastery: Nail the basics and become a pro with the tools of the trade.

Green Building Techniques: Discover eco-friendly practices shaping the future of construction.

Project Management: From concept to completion, be the boss of your projects.

Key classes you’ll take

  • Carpentry I- an introductory course that covers the basics from reading a tape measure to how to shingle a house
  • Heavy Equipment- where you learn the basic operation and maintenance of equipment

What you can do after finishing this program

  • Heavy equipment operator
  • Building inspector
  • After 3-5 years of work experience: construction manager, cost estimator

Industry partners

Frank Millard Company

Schmitt Construction

Greystone Construction

Brockway Mechanical

SG Construction

Programs of study

Carpentry Associate of Applied Science Degree

In-depth classroom and practical learning to prepare you for a career in carpentry and construction.

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Building Construction Diploma

A one-year deep dive into building construction, plus business basics and a hands-on internship experience.

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Building Construction Certificate

Build up your basic knowledge and skills in just one semester, plus materials, personnel and basic math.

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