Early Childhood Education - Bridge to Educator Licensure

You're on your way to becoming a teacher and just need a little help across the finish line.

You want to be a teacher but you're stuck because you need to take certain classes to meet your specialization requirements.  

We got you.

This bridge program includes the general education courses students who've completed a certificate program need if they want to continue onto a licensure program after already earning SCC's Educator/Licensure Transfer Pathway AAS.

Program location

Available in West Burlington Not available in Keokuk Not available online

Key classes you'll take

  • Music Appreciation
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introductory Biology
  • Drawing
  • Math for Elementary Teachers

Common transfer colleges and universities

  • Mount Mercy University
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Northern Iowa

Transfer institution options

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The Early Childhood Education Bridge to Licensure will allow a student who completes the Early Childhood Education - Child Care Management Pathway an opportunity to complete additional general education courses that will then allow a student to continue onto a university to the complete a baccalaureate degree resulting in educator licensure. The Bridge may be taken simultaneously to enrollment in the Pathway, or the courses may be taken after completion of the Pathway. An articulation agreement has been established to ensure a smooth transfer to Iowa Wesleyan into the Elementary Education Teacher Education Program.

For specific information regarding program rules and expectations, please view the Early Childhood Education & Teacher Education Programs Handbook.

Summary Sheet

The summary sheet provides a program overview and other information.

Download the summary sheet.

Curriculum Sequence

Course Title Credit
MUS-100 Music Appreciation 3
SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology 3
BIO-105 Introductory Biology 4
ART-133 Drawing 3
ENG-106 Composition II 3
MAT-117 Math for Elementary Teachers 3

MUS-100 - Music Appreciation

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

This is a general overview course which includes basic music concepts and elements of the art, a general historical look and critical approach. Music as it has evolved from the beginning to present-day is studied. This involves listening to musical examples.

SOC-110 - Introduction to Sociology

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

An analysis of social organization (or the social order). This course deals with the nature of sociology as a science, the original nature of man, the socialization of the individual, the development of groups and group behavior, the nature of culture and culture patterns, the organization of institutions, the nature of social order, the organization of human stratification and examination of major social processes. Special emphasis is placed upon the American cultural patterns.

BIO-105 - Introductory Biology

Lecture: 3

Lab: 2

Credit: 4

Introductory Biology is a lecture and lab course designed for non-science majors or as a refresher course of those wishing to take higher-level biology courses. Topics include chemistry of life, molecular and cellular biology, genetics, evolution, plant, animal, and fungi classification and ecology.

ART-133 - Drawing

Lecture: 2

Lab: 2

Credit: 3

A beginning drawing class in a variety of media using an assortment of subjects. The student will explore theories and concepts of drawing.

ENG-106 - Composition II

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

A continuation of study of the principles of writing begun in ENG-105. Emphasis is placed on persuasive writing, critical analysis and the MLA research paper. Time will also be spent exploring print and electronic research sources and learning effective research strategies. Required for AA and AS Degrees. Prerequisite: ENG-105, with a minimum grade of C-.

MAT-117 - Math for Elementary Teachers

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

This course is recommended for students pursuing a teaching degree in elementary education. It provides opportunities to better understand mathematical content practices as a foundation for teaching mathematics in an elementary classroom. Topics will include the NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, problem-solving strategies, set theory, number systems, operations in the real number systems, informal geometry, elementary probability, and statistics. Prerequisite: MAT-092 with a minimum grade of C- or meet minimum placement testing requirements.

Amy Drew - Instructor - Early Childhood Education

Email: adrew@scciowa.edu
AA, Southeastern Community College
BA, Iowa Wesleyan University
MS, Walden University

Bailea Grier - Instructor - Early Childhood Education

Email: bgrier@scciowa.edu
AA, Southeastern Community College
BA, University of Northern Iowa
MA, Viterbo University