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Respirator Care students show off new ventilatorThanks to a $20,000 gift from the Vincent and Nina Cullen Family Charitable Trust, Southeastern Community College recently purchased a new ventilator for its Respiratory Care program. The new ventilator will allow SCC's Respiratory Care students to learn the skills needed to operate current technology in today's healthcare facilities.

There are typically 25-30 students enrolled SCC's Respiratory Care program. Students consistently receive high marks relative to their peers across the state, and program graduates are highly sought-after. Experience with current technology will increase their desirability to healthcare providers.

After leaving SCC, respiratory therapists often work in acute care settings, and they must frequently initiate, manage and monitor patients on mechanical ventilation life support systems. Prior to receiving the new machine, students had to learn to use older model ventilators. While the mechanics remain the same in the new units, like any technology-based equipment, new features have been incorporated that provide additional functionality.

Graduates entering the profession will no longer have to learn to operate the new equipment on the job. Stacy Lewis-Sells, Respiratory Care Coordinator, says learning how to operate equipment currently in use in the workplace while still college helps graduates get up to speed quicker once they become practicing respiratory therapists.

"When they are in a clinical setting, students should already know how to operate the equipment so that they can focus on their patients. This new ventilator makes that possible," said Lewis-Sells.

For more information about SCC's Respiratory Care program, please contact Stacy Lewis-Sells, Respiratory Care Coordinator, at (319) 208-5204 or

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