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January 27 to be Proclaimed Iowa Community College Day


Thursday, January 27 will be proclaimed Iowa Community College Day. It will acknowledge the valuable work that community colleges do for the betterment of the citizens of the state of Iowa. The proclamation coincides with the Iowa Community College Student Legislative Summit Jan 26 and 27.

Students from all of Iowa’s 15 community colleges will meet in Des Moines to discuss topics relating to the state of community colleges in Iowa, speak to panels of legislators and elected officials, and visit the Capitol Building to talk to their local legislators. They will also attend Governor Branstad’s address to a joint session of the legislature.

A delegation of twenty students will represent SCC in Des Moines.

“This is the most students we’ve ever taken. It’s an excellent experience for our students to witness state government in action. They will see first-hand how participation in state government can make a difference in their education,” notes SCC Vice President of Student Services Joan Williams.

SCC President Beverly Simone says that Iowa Community College Day recognizes the positive impact community colleges have on students, residents, businesses and communities.

“One in four Iowans is directly impacted by a community college. Our residents take advantage of programs and services ranging from high school dual enrollment courses, GED programs, college transfer programs, career and technical programs, professional and continuing education, corporate contract training, and regional economic development initiatives.”

SCC Board of Trustee Chair Moudy Nabulsi says that community colleges play a significant role in the local economy. Students benefit from improved lifestyles and increased earnings. Taxpayers benefit from a larger economy and lower social costs. Finally, the community as a whole benefits from increased job and investment opportunities, higher business revenues, greater availability of public funds, and an eased tax burden.

“Every dollar of taxpayer support to SCC results in a positive return of almost $3 to our communities in the form of higher tax receipts and avoided social costs,” notes Nabulsi.

Simone cites that in 2009 nearly 40% of all high school graduates in Iowa said they would attend a community college—more than any other college option—and that Iowa’s community college graduation rate ranks 11th in the nation.

“Students and families recognize the value of a community college education. They know that after two years at a community college, they’ll be prepared for that next step, whether that’s entering into specialized careers like nursing or advanced manufacturing, or continuing toward a Bachelors degree.”

In 2009, over 133,000 students attended one of Iowa’s 15 community colleges.

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