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SCC to Host Open House at Regional Emergency Response Center June 13

SCC will host an open house at its new Regional Emergency Response Center on June 13 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. The center is located on 241st Street, just off Ortho Road in Fort Madison, IA.

The Regional Emergency Response Center will enable emergency services students and personnel to hone their skills using a wide variety of simulated accident and fire scenarios.

The three-story structure contains an elevator shaft, stairwells, rooms and a maze, all of which can be filled with smoke to simulate different scenarios. Trainees can practice high angle repel and rescue, elevator shaft navigation and rescue, ladder usage, ventilation and confined space rescue.

The center also features space for controlled vehicle extrication and fire fighting.

“It’s like a jungle gym for firefighters,” says SCC Coordinator of Emergency Response Programs, Tina Young. “The facility is very versatile and there’s not much we can’t do with it.”

Young adds that in addition to using the facility for the Fire Science program and continuing education classes, SCC will make it available to area paid and volunteer fire departments.

The facility was funded in part by a number of state and local grants.

“We’re lucky to have a facility like this. The next closest one is in Cedar Rapids. Having this at our disposal for instruction and training will make it much easier for students and active firefighters to get the training they need.”



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