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SCC Nursing Students Pass Rates Continue to Exceed National Average

The percentage of graduates of Southeastern Community College’s nursing program that pass the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX, continues to exceed the national average.

The 2011 year-to-date pass rate for SCC graduates taking the NCLEX for Practical Nursing for the first time is 95%. The national average is 85.95%. The first-time NCLEX pass rate for SCC Associate Degree Nursing graduates for 2011 year-to-date is 90.77%. The national pass rate sits at 88.36%

SCC Nursing Program Coordinator Kristi Schroeder attributes high pass rates to the rigor of SCC’s program. “Students who graduate from the college’s nursing program are well-prepared to pass the NCLEX.”

Schroeder says that while it takes a lot for students just meet the program’s stringent admission criteria, success is not guaranteed. The program is academically challenging and instructors hold students to high practice standards. Students must also maintain professional conduct and follow a lot of rules.

The considerable commitment required for success can be difficult for students to maintain over the course of the program. Some have family responsibilities, some have to work, some move, others simply find it too difficult. “Yes, it’s tough and it’s true that some students don’t finish, but those students who make it, succeed.”

Schroeder continues that the goal of SCC’s nursing program –or any nursing program – is to produce safe care providers. Nurses are charged with the well-being of patients. That is not something students or programs should take lightly.

She adds that while the program is difficult, students are not set up to fail.

In addition to the traditional classroom lectures, students learn hands-on patient experiences through a variety of clinical rotations, SimMan patient simulator practicals, and clinical conference sessions which offer guest speakers, opportunities for case studies and practical skill building challenges. Nursing faculty members draw upon their varied clinical backgrounds and experiences to enrich student learning. Instructors also teach both in the classroom and in clinical settings so that current health care trends and practices are assimilated.  Those who are struggling have access to help. Active and retired nurses are available to mentor students and the college offers students support through tutoring programs.

For more information about SCC nursing programs, contact Kristi Schroeder at or (319) 208-5100.



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