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Southeastern Community College Ranks High on New College Scorecard

According to the US Department of Education’s new National College Scorecard, Southeastern Community College beat the national averages in a number of categories. SCC fared well in average net price, tuition expenses, and median borrowing.

During President Obama’s recent State of the Union Address, he mentioned the “new College Scorecard” as part of his vision for education reform.

Parents and students can use the site compare colleges to decide “where you can get the most bang for your educational buck,” Obama explained.

He added that the US Department of Education’s new College Scorecard is a big step in the right direction for helping students and their families make informed decisions when choosing to pursue a college education.

Ean Freels, SCC Director of Financial Aid, says “Students who want to attend a four-year college or university right after high school should consider attending Southeastern Community College to offset the expenses of higher education.”

According to the College Scorecard, many  students who attend SCC pay a net price of less than $6,000 per year, while a student who enrolls at one of the major universities in Iowa pays on average nearly $14,000 per year – more than double the net price for SCC. Net price is what college students pay after grants and scholarships are subtracted from the cost of attendance.

Freels added that when comparing SCC to similarly-sized community colleges, SCC’s average net price declined 6 percent between 2008 and 2011, while the average increased approximately 8 percent.

Dana Chrisman, SCC Enrollment Services Coordinator, says “Since SCC’s tuition is one of the lowest in Iowa, a number of students find out that it makes sense for them to start out at SCC before earning a bachelor’s degree elsewhere.”

Besides having some extra cash in their pockets, SCC students also receive a rigorous education from high quality instructors. Chrisman notes that students who graduate from SCC’s career and technical education programs, including its popular nursing and respiratory therapy programs, consistently have a high percentage of state board passage rates and placement in the workforce.

“A lot of employers want our grads. They know our students will perform well on the job once they’re hired,” says Chrisman.

After SCC, transfer students continue to excel in the classroom. SCC graduates who transfer to four-year institutions do just as well and often outperform students academically who transfer from other community colleges in Iowa. “They are really well-prepared in their studies and motivated to be successful,” adds Chrisman.

Located under the College Affordability and Transparency Center section, the College Scorecard is accessible through the US Department of Education website: . Visitors can select College Scorecard, then scroll down to a search box entitled “Search for a college by name...,” and simply type in Southeastern Community College or a school of their choice.

The information on this website allows visitors to check on how much the average student pays and borrows to attend a particular educational institution. Anyone can easily check six-year graduation rates and loan default rates at any school. There are also several options available to choose from that are based on an individual’s needs, which include location, campus setting, size, degrees and programs offered, campus safety, state aid, and employment.

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