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SCC to Host Industrial Maintenance Technology Career Day April 5


 Southeastern Community College will host an Industrial Maintenance Technology (IMT) Career Day on Friday, April 5 on its Keokuk campus. The event will run from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Representatives from local industries will be on hand to share information about available careers in manufacturing. Current SCC students and faculty of the Industrial Maintenance Program will also share their experiences, answer questions, and provide tours for the state-of-the-art industrial lab and facilities.

 IMT Instructor Jeron Lindsay says that the Industrial Maintenance Technology Career Day is an important step in attracting the next generation to the manufacturing field.

 “A lot of high school students don’t realize the importance of manufacturing. They think it’s a thing of the past, or that they’ll have to work in a dark and dirty factory. Almost all of today’s manufacturing facilities are extremely high-tech and require a lot of skill.”

 The skills taught in the IMT program at SCC are needed not just locally, but nationwide to fill maintenance and manufacturing positions. Lindsay says that there is a high demand for qualified skilled technicians, especially as the baby boomer generation retires.

  “Almost everything you can think of has been through some sort of a manufacturing process, from your computer to the pop can you drink out of – it all had to be made somewhere, and somebody has to know now to do it,” Lindsay continues.

 Fellow IMT instructor Andy Snaadt adds that IMT students learn not only mechanical, but electrical and PLC programming skills as well. This broad skills base makes graduates appealing to potential employers.

“Our grads are qualified for a lot of jobs, such as vibration techs, installers, fabricators, welders, CNC operators, mechanical and electrical maintenance technicians, and more.”

 The event includes lunch and door prizes. Seats are limited, so advanced registration is encouraged. Contact Deanne Enderle at (319) 313-1923 ( or Abby Herriman at (319) 313-1929 (

 For more information about the IMT Career Day, please contact Andy Snaadt at (319) 313-1990 or


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