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SCC Health Sciences Students Training “Smarter” with Upgrade

This December, Southeastern Community College (SCC) was able to make a long overdue purchase on its shopping list.  The College bought five new hospital beds for its healthcare programs with help from a Federal Perkins grant for educational equipment.

SCC partnered with medical technology and equipment provider, Hill-Rom to purchase the beds.  SCC Interim Project Support Specialist, William Stuflick, says SCC worked with Hill-Rom on budget-friendly pricing.  “As a result, SCC was able to save approximately $30,000 on five new beds,” says Stuflick. 

In exchange, SCC traded in its former beds to Hill-Rom for refurbishment and donation to facilities in developing countries.

Called Smart Beds, these beds feature computer processors that stream digital information directly to the nursing stations or into the patient’s medical records.  They also make common tasks for tending to patient needs simpler and more efficient.

According to Hill-Rom General Manager, Todd Williams, the new beds are top-of-the-line. “Nursing students who train on Smart Beds will gain experience with the latest hospital bed technology,” says Williams.

Respiratory Care Program instructor, Stacy Sells, says the upgrade helps students adjust to daily healthcare operations.

“The Smart Beds are a great addition to our facilities,” says Sells. “They allow our students to get comfortable working with the same technology that’s being used in today’s healthcare facilities.”

Four Smart Beds will be put into use by the Nursing and Respiratory Care programs on SCC’s West Burlington campus. The fifth will be placed in the nursing lab on the Keokuk campus.

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