Southeastern Community College

Nomination for the
Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award was established by the Southeastern Community College Alumni Association to recognize and honor an alumna/us of SCC or its predecessor colleges, Burlington Junior College, Burlington Community College, and Keokuk Community College, who has achieved substantial public recognition for their accomplishments or success. To be eligible for nomination, the nominee should have:

  1. Earned 30 credit hours at Southeastern Community College or was considered a full-time student for two semesters, and
  2. Earned the respect and trust of his/her associates in his/her chosen field, or
  3. Made substantial contributions to the good of his/her fellow human beings or be recognized as an outstanding practitioner of his/her profession or vocation, or
  4. Served as a motivational force for others in a positive manner.


I would like to nominate the following person for the Southeastern Community College Distinguished Alumni Award:

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Your comments on this nomination need not be confined to this form. Please be complete but concise, responding to as many categories as you believe apply to the nominee. Please provide any additional information you feel may be pertinent to this nomination.

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Please secure at least one additional recommendation letter to support your nomination.

The information on this form will be kept in the strictest confidence. Thank you for your participation.

The deadline for this year's nominations is August 1. However, you may nominate at any time throughout the year; and your nomination will be considered for the following year's award.

The award will be presented during one of the Annual Commencements at Keokuk or West Burlington in May.