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Dependent Status

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Are you? Single   Married   Divorced   Widowed

Have you ever served in the military? Yes   No

If you answered "No" to all questions above, you are considered a dependent student. if you answered "Yes" to at least one question, you are considered an independent student.


Are you a United States citizen or permanent resident?   Yes   No

Are you a first generation college student (neither parent has a 4 year degree)?   Yes   No

Do you have a documented disability?   Yes   No

Dependent Students - please answer the following

How many people live in your custodial parent's household that they are financially responsible for? (if you do not live at home with your parents, add yourself into the household number)

What are your parents last year's taxable income?

Independent Students - please answer the following

How many people live in your household that you are financially responsible for?

What is your last year's taxable income?

Taxable income can be found on the following lines of your tax form: 1040 (Line 43) - 1040A (Line 27)  - 1040EZ (Line 6)


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Educational Background

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Please check the services you are most interested in receiving from the TRIO SSS program:

Assistance with choosing my classes

Assistance with choosing my transfer school

Assistance with applying for or understanding financial aid

Assistance with my classes

Help with improving my study skills

Assistance choosing a major

In what field would you like to work after graduation?

What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

Please explain briefly why you want to participate in the TRIO Student Support Services program?

How did you find out about the TRIO SSS program?

Will you be an athlete for SCC? Yes   No   If so, which sport?

By clicking "Submit Application", I authorize the SCC TRIO SSS program to obtain, copy, review and discuss records including: high school transcripts, course registration for each semester, transcripts from other colleges, academic progress reports, financial aid records, transcripts and standardized test scores. I understand the college reserves the right to admit or deny any student enrollment in the TRIO SSS program. Completion of the application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. I also certify that all of the above information is correct.