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You must have received an A or B in the course to tutor OR have written instructor approval.



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Peer Tutor Expectations

If hired as a peer tutor, I understand that I must adhere to specific guidelines as outlined below:

  • Keep in contact with the Learning Resources Coordinator on a regular basis, to monitor student's academic progress and attendance, and to address any questions or concerns.
  • Promote a safe and non-threatening tutoring environment.
  • Tutor in the Academic Achievement Center during the scheduled times/dates.
  • Be punctual, professional, and dependable.
  • Refrain from using cell phones and other devices during a peer tutoring session.
  • Maintain regular contact and work cooperatively with SCC faculty if needed.
  • Attend tutor trainings and meetings offered each semester.
  • Notify the Learning Resources Coordinator if issues arise involving cheating or misconduct as noted in the SCC Student Handbook.
  • Enter accurate information for each session as required.
  • Submit time cards each pay period by required deadlines (see schedule).
  • Initial tutoring appointments will be established by the Learning Resources Coordinator, according to students' schedules.

Attendance Policy for Tutors:

Your status as a peer tutor will be revoked after:

  • Three (3) excused absences
  • Two (2) unexcused absences (Unexcused absences include: not showing, arriving more than 15 minutes late, or cancelling less than 2 hours before your scheduled tutoring time.)

By entering your initials below, you agree to the following:

I have read and understand the peer tutor guidelines as outlined above.

* Initials:

Questions? Contact Shawn Johnson,, OR 319.208.5106.