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 Review course content based on lectures, readings, and assignments
 Test/Quiz/Exam prep
 Develop effective study skills for the course/subject
 Help with research paper(s) or other writing projects/assignments

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Student Learner Responsibilities

  • To be eligible for tutoring, you must attend class regularly, participate in class, read assignments, take notes, turn in homework, and strive for a positive relationship with your instructor. This will also include contacting your instructor during his/her office hours if you begin to experience problems in the class.
  • After contacting your instructor, you are eligible to receive tutoring services. You will need to attend all scheduled tutoring sessions and be on time.
  • Email the Learning Resources Coordinator, and your tutor at least 2 hours in advance if a session will be missed (24 hours is preferred).

Attendance Policy for Student Learners:

You will lose your tutoring privilege for the semester after:

  • Three (3) excused absences
  • Two (2) unexcused absences (Unexcused absences include: not showing, arriving more than 15 minutes late, or cancelling less than 2 hours before your scheduled time.)

Other Responsibilities:

  • Provide tutor with a course syllabus.
  • Be prepared for every tutoring session. Bring books, notes, and assignment sheets/rubrics to every session.
  • Tutors WILL NOT do your homework for you.
  • Show respect for your tutor and expect the same in return.
  • Communicate with the Learning Resources Coordinator regarding your sessions.
  • Report any problems or concerns to the Learning Resources Coordinator immediately.
  • Refrain from using your cell phone out of respect to the tutor.
  • Sign into the Academic Achievement Center once tutoring begins; you must be in the Academic Achievement Center for all tutoring or you will lose tutoring privileges. If there is a need to tutor outside of the AAC, you MUST have it approved by the Learning Resources Coordinator.
  • Contact the Learning Resources Coordinator and your tutor immediately should either of the following circumstances occur: withdrawal from the tutored course OR decision to stop tutoring sessions for the semester.

By entering your initials below, you agree to the following:

I understand that a peer tutor is being hired specifically upon my request. Therefore, once an agreement has been made as to my schedule, I will make every effort to meet with the tutor. If I must be absent, I will call my tutor and email the Learning Resources Coordinator to report my absence. Notification must be given at least two hours prior to the scheduled session. I have read and understand the Student Learner Responsibilities for receiving tutoring services at Southeastern Community College. I understand that if I do not follow these guidelines, I may lose my tutoring privileges.

* Initials:

Questions? Contact Shawn Johnson,, OR 319.208.5106.