Do you enjoy building things from scratch? Are you a problem-solver with an eye for detail? Everything created had to be designed first. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is a powerful tool that lets you build models in 2D and 3D virtual environments. Everything is engineered to incredible precision using CAD software. Learn the basics of what it takes to succeed in modern manufacturing and fabrication. SCC students can participate in a specific transfer degree that prepares them to enter into the University of Iowa’s Engineering programs through a partnership agreement with SCC.

Academy Locations

West Burlington High School

Trimester 1 CAD-101 Introduction to CAD
EGT-400 Introduction to Engineering Design
ARC-113 Architectural Drafting
Trimester 2 EGT-400 Introduction to Engineering Design
ARC-113 Architectural Drafting
Trimester 3 CAD-277 Dimensional Modeling I

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