STEM Programs

Do you have a unique way of seeing the world?

Are you curious about the "why" and "how" of things? Are you driven by the satisfaction of unraveling problems and exploring the unknown?

At SCC, we understand the importance of creative problem-solving for the challenges of the future. Our STEM Pathway offers programs to match your interests. Whether you're keen on science, math, engineering, agriculture, computer science, or computer aided design, we have a program for that.

Our STEM programs are crafted to help you with hands-on learning. You'll have access to modern labs, technology, and tools, empowering you to become a better thinker and problem-solver.

At SCC, we're more than just about providing you with answers; we're here to assist you in finding innovative solutions that can change the future.

How will you make a difference in the world? Join us on the STEM journey, and let's explore the countless exciting possibilities together.


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Agriculture Science

Iowa feeds the world. Explore options for how you can get the skills to land a job in the Ag industry with true growth potential.

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students in a biology lab
Biology Transfer Major

Prepare for majors in biological sciences and related fields. Build a strong foundation of biology knowledge and general science.

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Chemistry Transfer Major

Start your path to a bachelor's degree in Chemistry and related fields right here at SCC. Build strong fundamentals learning from our talented faculty.

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student and instructor in the CAD lab
Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Everything that's made has to be designed. Learn key engineering principles and concepts along with the powerful software used to make nearly everything.

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Computer Science Transfer Major

The world is powered by zeros and ones. See the options available to enter one of the top industries and how you can pursue a variety of career paths.

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male students doing a physics experiment
Engineering Transfer Major

Engineering degrees start at SCC. Learn foundational concepts in advanced STEM classes taught by experienced faculty who will prepare you for the next step.

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male student coding for a networking class
Information Technology Management

Being successful in the tech industry often takes leadership and management skills. Learn tech skills and leadership skills here at SCC.

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Math Transfer Major

Math is the foundation of a number of high level STEM career fields. Build a strong core of math skills so you're ready for what's next.

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students working on networking computers
Network Administration and Cybersecurity

The digital world can be a dangerous place. Learn how to defend against and spot threats to take action before bad things happen.

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Physics Transfer Major

Motion, matter, math and more. Build a strong foundation of skills so you can tackle advanced topics after you leave SCC.

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