Pre-Enrollment Info Session

Welcome to SCC!

Way to go for choosing Southeastern Community College to further your education. You're in good company as you are on your way to joining thousands of others that call themselves Blackhawks.

This info session will walk you through some important information and processes you need to know so you can start college ready to succeed.

Student Services: Everyone here wants you to successfully accomplish your college educational goals. Learn about the services, resources, and people who are here to make that happen.

Technology: All the important steps and processes you need to manage your student experience have a technology or web component. We'll show you the basics to get you started.

Finances: A college education is a big investment, as in life, anything that involves money has particular rules, steps and deadlines you have to know and follow.

Right to Know & FAQ: As a college student, you have rights and responsibilities. We outline much of that here as well as provide info to some of the most common questions.

Once you finish these pages, you'll be prompted to complete a pre-enrollment form.

Don't forget to complete the form - you can't sign up for classes without it.

First stop: Student Services