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New Students

All new SCC students must register via a one-on-one in-person or virtual appointment with a student success advocate.

Have a question about when or how to register?

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West Burlington Campus Admissions
Call: (319) 208-5155
Text: (319) 250-7144

Keokuk Campus Admissions
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Text: (319) 220-3266

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Current Students

Current students can register with your student success advocate or via your Self-Service account on Hawknet.

To confirm the classroom assignments, be sure to view your completed schedule through Self-Service.

Register with your student success advocate

Make an appointment with your student advocate

Register via Hawknet

To register via Hawknet, follow the steps below or click on the tutorial.

1. Click on Hawknet

2. Log in - Use your username (first initial, middle initial and last name and password:

First Time User Temporary Password Combination:

First Initial (Capitalized), Last Initial (Capitalized), four-digit birth year, last four of SSN, *scc
Example for Tom Smith, born in 1999, with an SSN ending in 6789: TS19996789*scc

3. Click on the Self Service icon (near the top of the page)

4. Click on Course Catalog or Student Planning to add courses to your plan

5. Go to Student Planning, and click on Plan your Degree & Register for Classes

6. Use the Schedule tab to select your course sections. Click Register Now when you are ready enroll in all the sections you have selected.

7. When you are finished, save your courses to your calendar and or print your schedule. You can return to Student Planning as any time to view your schedule.

Previous Course Schedules

We usually offer the same classes or types of classes on a yearly schedule. Select our previous schedules below to explore course options from past semesters.

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Fall 2023

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Shelley Davis
Call: (319) 208-5054

Janet Shepherd
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