Upward Bound

The purpose of the Upward Bound program is to assist and encourage talented high school students who are either potential first generation college students or meet federal income guidelines to achieve their educational goals. Upward Bound helps its participants succeed in high school and prepare for and enroll in college.

The program encourages students to think about how they want to contribute to the future and how they can prepare to face the challenges that lie ahead -- at no cost to the student or family. The combination of intensive study and organized recreation helps foster confidence, teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and friendship.

Target Schools Served

Upward Bound serves students from the following high schools:

  • Burlington High School
  • Fort Madison High School
  • Keokuk High School

Upward Bound Academic School Year Program

In the Upward Bound Program, students receive:

  • Tutoring in support of their present high school classes.
  • Guidance and Support in selecting academic, career and postsecondary opportunities.
  • Workshops and Group Activities to build self-confidence and self-reliance.
  • Enrichment Activities to develop creative thinking, effective expression and positive attitudes toward learning.
  • Cultural Awareness through exposure and participation in cultural activities, tours of historical and geographical sites, and visits to other educational facilities.
  • Friendships and Relationships developed by meeting others who share similar goals.

Summer Program

The Upward Bound Program includes a summer residential component during which students attends academic enrichment classes on the campus of Southeastern Community College and stay in the residence halls, or an online college preparatory class.

The summer program consists of either an intensive six-week residential learning experience to further enhance students' academic and motivational levels, or a six-week online program which introduces students to online college format for classes.

Students in both formats have the opportunity to attend several college tours and earn an out-of-state educational/cultural/recreational trip.

Bridge Academy

The summer Bridge Academy is a college experience for participants who have graduated from high school. Students take college classes, explore career and educational options, and learn how to succeed.


You may be eligible for Upward Bound if you...

  1. are between the ages of 13 and 19 and has completed eighth grade but has not entered 12th grade.
  2. are a legal resident of the United States.
  3. have a need for academic support to successfully pursue a program leading to a post-secondary degree.
  4. come from a family who meets the income criteria as established by the Department of Education, and/or is a first-generation student (neither parent has a four-year college degree.)

Participants will be selected through a formal screening process. Students admitted to the program sign a contract agreeing to make their academic studies and personal development a priority. Participants are willing to do their best.

Upward Bound Staff

Lee Wibbell

Lee Wibbell
Project Director
Phone: (319) 208-5305
Email: lwibbell@scciowa.edu 

Kelsey Howard

Kelsey Howard
Project Assistant Director
Phone: (319) 208-5304
Email: khoward@scciowa.edu

Amanda Lewis

Amanda Lewis
Project Administrative Assistant
Phone: (319) 208-5166
Email: alewis1@scciowa.edu