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What is the Kidtek Camp format?
Camps are Monday - Thursday for three hours either morning or afternoon. Morning camps take place from 9 am - noon and afternoon camps take place from 1 - 4 pm.
How much does a Kidtek Camp cost?
Camps costs $179 per student.
How can I register my child for camp?
You can register your child by phone (319) 208-5375 or online.
What camp level do I register my student for?
The curriculum is geared towards the grades stated. We leave it up to the parents as you know your child's education level better than anyone. Age restrictions are listed within the camp description if they apply.
What time can I drop my child off at camp and what time do I need to have them picked up?
Students must be dropped off no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start time and must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after end time. Parents will be responsible for their child outside of these hours.
How should my student dress for the camps?
For safety of campers, shirts with sleeves must be worn (no tank tops). No jewelry is allowed. Clothing that is negative towards the school or school district, promotes the use of alcohol or drugs, is profane, racially biased or offensive in language/pictures, relates to gang activity or colors, or includes sexually inappropriate references may not be worn. No open-toe shoes or house slippers are allowed. Safety glasses will be provided by instructors in certain classes and must be worn during class.

If your student is registered for Heavy Metals, Gearhead Mechanics or Design CNC please read the Student Expectations and Parent Information for additional dress requirements.
What if I need to cancel our registration?
You must notify CBIZ at least one week prior to the camp if you which to recieve a full refund.
Is there anything I need to do once my student is registered for camp?
All camp participants must have a Student Information form on file with SCC Kidtek.  Each campers parent/gaurdian will recieve an email one week prior to camp with a reminder of the camp date, time, and location.  Be sure each to follow dress code and other expectations.

Must complete the Student Information form prior to your student attending camp.
Click to view the full Student Expectations and Parent Information.

Need to contact your child during camp?

Call (319) 208-5375 for help reaching your camper.