Century Club

For many SCC students, college is just one ball in a constant juggling act. Most have jobs, many are caring for family, some drive an hour or more one-way to get to class. Receiving a little financial relief could be just the boost some need to reach the finish line and complete their education.

Introducing the Century Club.

Named for the 100 years that SCC has spent meeting student needs and enriching the region, this fund is intended to help SCC deliver on our promise to impact lives for another 100 years.

The Century Club was created to not just help students start their college journey, but to complete it. Funds raised support recruitment and retention efforts designed to get students across the finish line and earn their degree.

Not just another donation.

Instead of a one-time, lump sum donation, members make incremental gifts automatically and securely on a recurring basis. Whether $5 or $500, monthly or quarterly, the amount and frequency are up to you. We’ll do the rest.

Stretch your giving over time to make a bigger impact that lasts all year long.

Join now to be part of the inaugural class of this great initiative. Doing so helps us all give back, and help our students push forward, as we take bold steps into our next 100 years.

Thank you for helping us give back so students can move forward.

Join the century club


Contact Us

Val Giannettino
Executive Director
Call: (319) 208-5065
Email: vgiannettino@scciowa.edu

Lisa Hunter
Account Specialist
Call: (319) 208-5062
Email: lhunter@scciowa.edu

Rebecca Chase
Administrative Assistant
Call: (319) 208-5066
Email: rchase@scciowa.edu

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