Great Tastes

Group enjoying Great Tastes

Mark your calendar for November 1, 2024!

At Great Tastes, you get to have a fun night out while raising money for an important cause.

Enjoy a wide variety of wines, beer, and ales and fill your plate with mouth-watering dishes.

Bid on fun silent and live auction items, win big, and leave the event knowing you've made a major difference in students lives, just by having fun.

Net proceeds fund scholarships, instructional mini-grants, and other important SCC initiatives.

Great Tastes
Friday, November 1, 2024

Catfish Bend Convention & Event Center

Details and ticket information released closer to event

If you would like to donate an auction item, please contact the Foundation Office at (319) 208-5066.

Contact Us

Val Giannettino
Executive Director
Call: (319) 208-5065

Lisa Hunter
Account Specialist
Call: (319) 208-5062

Rebecca Chase
Administrative Assistant
Call: (319) 208-5066

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