College Initiatives

SCC continuously expands its facilities in an effort to offer students a well-rounded college experience.

The 2014 Building the Dream campaign funded the addition of the Industrial Technology Training Center, the Health Professions Center, the Hall of Science, and the Blackhawk Tower, our residential hall that is now fully occupied.

Completing those projects does not mean we are done. It means that we are ready to take on the next project to guide our students to reach their goals.

We welcome your contribution to support our efforts to keep building the dream.



Blackhawk Recreation Center Annex Speciality Rooms

Now that the new Blackhawk Recreation Center is open for business, we are setting our sights on more student amenities.

Thanks to the addition of facilities on the West Burlington campus in recent years, we have been able to repurpose old spaces to meet new needs. Renovating the ground floor classrooms of the Building 300 (opened in the late ‘90s) means we can offer new amenities more affordably. The recreation center will allow for large-scale activities and programming for students. The specialty rooms will allow us to deliver complementary programming.

Read The Annex Project Overview


Recently Completed Projects:

Blackhawk Recreation Center

Blackhawk recreation center

We are pleased to provide a space that promotes lifelong health and wellness with the 29,000 square foot Blackhawk Recreation Center.


Outdoor Training Facility

outdoor track

To support our rapidly expanding athletics programs, we have built an outdoor training facility to give student-athletes an opportunity to practice right here on campus.

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