Transferring to SCC

Transferring from another college or university?

The path to your degree isn't a straight line. The college you picked isn't the right fight. Maybe you don't like your major. Family situations change.

That's ok. SCC is here for you. Whether you just need a class or two to graduate with your associate's degree, you need to switch colleges, or you just want to pursue a completely different path, we got you.

It all starts with our application for admission. 


Transfer FAQs

Will transferring impact my financial aid?

If you've got questions about how the transfer will impact your financial aid or if you want to see what's available at SCC to help you out, connect with our Financial Aid Office. 

Am I eligible for scholarships?
The SCC Foundation offers hundreds of scholarships every year. Apply once and the right scholarship will find you. Learn more about SCC Foundation scholarships.
What if I only want to take a class or two?

If you attend another college or university and just want to take a few classes, that makes you a guest student.

Here's what you need to do.

Will my existing credits transfer?

If you have credits from an accredited college or university, you can probably transfer them to SCC. It starts with sending us your official transcript from any colleges you have attended. Once we receive your transcript, we'll look it over and let you know which classes transfer.

Credit will be granted for courses taken at other regionally accredited institutions in which you have earned a grade of "C" (2.00 on a 4.00-point scale) or better. Credit will also be awarded for courses in which a grade of "D" has been earned, providing your overall grade point average from the transferring institution is "C" or better. Career & Technical Education (CTE) credit from other regionally accredited schools may be applicable to the SCC Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees.

CTE credits may be applicable for transfer to one of our CTE pathways upon review by program faculty and dean.

How do I apply my military credits?

Check out our section for active duty, reserve and veteran military students. 

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